The Gold Rush Restaurant and Bar, located in Nashville, Tennessee has proudly been in business since 1974. This legendary spot on Elliston Place in midtown Nashville provides Middle Tennesseans and travelers alike great food, service and a friendly atmosphere.

We invite you to come by for lunch, dinner or late night after a night on Broadway to enjoy our burgers, BBQ, sandwiches, soups and salads or our famous bean rolls. Join us for brunch on Saturdays and Sundays from 11am to 2:30pm!

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Take a look below at the great things our Customers say about us and their experience at The Gold Rush:


If there's a better place to work up a buzz before a rock show on the Rock Block, we'd love to hear about it. The not-as-divey-as-it-once-was Gold Rush makes a fine stout drink, and those bean rolls they're famous for (they're more or less burritos) well, they may not be the best idea if you're about to play, but if you're about to bear witness to some rock music, they'll set your hunger down quickly, and deliciously. The space is unassuming these days, but still grungy enough to set the rock-show mood. Review from Nashville Metromix.


I started hanging around the GoldRush when I worked at the old Tower Records down the street in West End. Rarely would I go in this place and not see someone I knew. When I first started hanging out here, we'd always party on the left side of the bar. But now I lean towards the right side for better conversation. The right side of the bar seems more like the restaurant side of the bar where it's easier to talk, the middle section is for pool and the left side is for partying at a louder volume. The music selection's pretty good too. Mostly a mash up of metal, punk, indie rock and of course old school country hits. The GoldRush has also won a few awards for their food, and it definitely shows. When I come back for a visit, I always try to get a group together for dinner so I can munch on those tasty chicken tenders with white gravy. I'd say they're the best in the city, and even top normal Southern style chicken joints only because you don't feel like crap after you eat them. The spinach and artichoke dip is pretty addictive as well especially when coupled with one of the Yazoo microbrews. I'm going back to Nashville in 2 weeks and I'm already licking my lips for some chicken and Dos Perros!


About the only bar I go to on the West side. Solid hang and better than average bar food.


I love the Gold Rush-It just so happens to be walking distance from my apartment, which always makes it convenient. This is not the bar to get crazy in, but if you are looking for a place to smoke in, with great food, and a full bar that you can carry a conversation, this is the place to go.

If you go, ask for Shane at the bar. He always takes care of us with a smile...

I love wings and these are by far my favorite. I always ask for all drums and never get charged extra. They are super hot and meaty. Also, the triple dip is great too. I get two cheese dips and one salsa and skip the charge for that either :)


Ah Gold Rush, by far my favorite place on Elliston. The best thing about this bar is its location and it's hours. It is one of the few places in the area that serves food up until it closes (at 2 am). I prefer going here on the later end of the spectrum because it is less crowded but it is enjoyable at all times. They have two separate bars on either side of the place with a common room type area in the center. The right side is smaller but non-smoking while to the left is the main bar and all the larger tables. The employees are friendly and most of the people that hang out there are regulars so the place has a very mellow, homey vibe.

There food is surprisingly great, and I say surprisingly because the vibe it gives off is more like 'hole in the wall' than 'fantastic eating establishment'. They're burritos or 'bean rolls' as they call them are great and massive, especially for the price. They also serve sandwiches and burgers, which I've sampled plenty of, as well as entrees which I have yet to try too many of. One thing I wish they had was a better selection of draft beers. They do stock a full bar, but the beer they offer is of the standard variety (you know the miller's and bud's, PBR and such). They've got a selection of flat screen tv's in the main bar area and it can be a cool place to chill and watch a football game. They also have a pool table but it is coin operated and usually occupied.

It's located a couple doors down from The End and across the street from Exit/In so if there's a big show going on it can get pretty packed. Alternately because of this you tend to find a lot of visiting and local bands hanging out here before their sets which is cool. They deliver food in the local vicinity for lunch now, and they also serve brunch on the weekends. It's 21 and up like a lot of Nashville bars, so don't bring your underage friends. Parking can be severely limited, especially on nights where there is a big show in town across the way and during the busy parts of the day. They don't have a parking lot so it's a fend for yourself and park on the street kind of situation.


A friend of mine offered to take me out for a late night snack and of course I said yes. He asked if I knew about GoldRush, but of course I did not. As I pulled up to the bar I said to myself, another date bites the dust. I bumped my head on the the way in because there is a slight lift into the entry way, then a drop as you enter the bar. I ordered a Malibu and Pineapple for the drink and a Spicy Chicken B-Roll. I had no idea what a B-Roll was, but it was undeniably the best "burrito" I have ever tasted. I took my leftovers home and the next day it was gone. My father had eaten every piece of my food. I was so upset!! The next day he and my mother drove over 15 miles just to get a B-Roll Togo. Now every other Friday my mother stops at GoldRush and orders one Spicy Chicken B-Roll and one Beef B-Roll!!! (the parking is not that great, but the service takes up for everything else).. Two Thumbs Up!!!